Enpower Engineering Company is an authorized dealer of Baudouin, Perkins and, Hyundai in the territory of Pakistan providing customers with innovative and cost-effective power solutions catered to their exact requirements.

Our philosophy is not only to provide the product itself but a complete solution with customized services without compromising product quality & customer support.

We strongly believe that expertise and experience are key factors for success. This fact has helped evolve “Enpower” where solutions are not just designed but engineered with passion.

By the grace of Allah, Enpower has gained notable market positioning in the power and electronics sectors and we are eyeing a host of fields that will undoubtedly open new avenues of success and prosperity.


“Our mission is to remain aligned with the global network power solution that re ahead of time so that we may anticipate the challenges and update our clients with new products.”

Inventory Management:

We maintain a substantial inventory of products. So that the customers are served in the shortest possible time. We carry a range of generators & UPS with their spare parts in our inventory. We can arrange power backup up to 2000 KVA on-demand with the shortest possible delivery time.


Our employees are our greatest asset. They are professionally trained with international training exposure. They coordinate and remain updated with the support of our principals and are well experienced in their respective fields. We believe that the workforce is the backbone of an organization which plays a significant role in its progress.

Quality Control:

We have strict policy standards of pre-delivery inspection for the best performance of our products. We also carry out regular after-sale checkups to minimize complaints from our customers.