Model Prime Power (KVA) Standby Power (KVA) Brochure
EPG 14 12.5 KVA 14 KVA Download
EPG 16 15 KVA 16.5 KVA Download
EPG 22 20 KVA 22 KVA Download
EPG 33 30 KVA 33 KVA Download
EPG 50 45 KVA 50 KVA Download
EPG 66 60 KVA 66 KVA Download
EPG 88 60 KVA 88 KVA Download
EPG 110 100 KVA 110 KVA Download
EPG 150 135 KVA 150 KVA Download
EPG 165 150 KVA 165 KVA Download
EPG 220 200 KVA 220 KVA Download
EPG 275 250 KVA 275 KVA Download
EPG 330 308 KVA 337 KVA Download
EPG 385 350 KVA 385 KVA Download
EPG 440 400 KVA 440 KVA Download
EPG 500 455 KVA 500 KVA Download
EPG 550 500 KVA 550 KVA Download
EPG 660 600 KVA 660 KVA Download
EPG 820 746 KVA 821 KVA Download

Perkins Generators

Perkins generators are the leading products of Enpower Engineering Company. The company has a wide range of Perkins generators from 13 KVA to 1250 KVA, with all spare parts and a 1-year warranty.

Perkins Engines

The engine is the heart of every generator because it helps the alternator to produce energy. Every engine works mechanically and supports the alternator to produce electricity in a very short amount of time.

Perkins engine is one of the most common and reliable engines used in gensets. We have a huge range of Perkins engines from 13 kva to 1250 kva, with complete spare parts and other tools.

Alternator use in Perkins diesel generators

The alternator is the electronic part of the generator that produces electricity with the help of an engine. We are using “Leroy Somer”, “Meccalte” and “Stamford” alternators in our generators.

Perkins genset warranty

We offer One Year or 1000 hours warranty, whichever comes first, against any manufacturing defect(s) from the date of commissioning of genset.

Control panel used in Perkins generator

Currently, we are using Deep Sea control module in our diesel generators. There are two models we use in our generators, DSE 4520 and DSE 6020.

Generator Canopy

Canopy is also one of the most common parts of the generator set; it not only helps to reduce the sound of the generator but also protects your genset from bad weather, dust and more.

Currently, we are offering sound proof and super sound proof canopy with/without our generators at very suitable prices.